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Ku the Tiki God of War has challenged you to a game of Axe Throwing in order to prove your worthiness in battle. If you are unworthy you will be marked as a Lapuwale Soldier and banished. Do you have what it takes to prove your worth?
$20 per 2 people per lane for 20 minutes of throwing
How the Game is Played:

  • You will have 3 rounds, the best of 3 wins and is deemed worthy

  • Each round consists of 5 throws per person. First person will throw their 5 then switch and then second person will throw their 5.

  • The points from each throw will be added up to determine who has the most and in turn wins that round 


  • 16 years of age and older only. No younger childern in Axe Throwing area 

  • Max Two people per lanes with One person per lane in the throwing area

  • The Attendant has the right to remove a player from axe throwing if the player is not following the rules, shows signs of impairment or conducting themselves unsafely. No Refunds will be given if removed

  • Listen to the Attendant. The Attendant will instruct you on how to play the game and how to throw the axe. Instructional videos will be available while you wait for an open lane.

  • Do not enter throwing area while a player is throwing

  • Do not throw the axe when the other player is retrieving their axe

  • Do not cross Foul Line when other player is throwing

  • Do not lean or place body part through fencing

  • Axes are very sharp so don't touch the blade or allow it to run across your body

  • Caution watch for bounce back

  • Place axes in holders when not throwing or switching out

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